* denotes I am the second supervisor of a PhD student

Photo of Alice Drinkwater

Alice Drinkwater* (PhD 2018-)

Current interests: Using methane isotopologues to understand recent changes in atmospheric methane

 Photo of Margaret Marvin Dr Maggie Marvin

Current interests: Tropospheric chemistry over SE Asia and its driving factors; satellite remote sensing.

Photo of Liang Feng

Dr Liang Feng

Current interests: Carbon cycle; satellite remote sensing; inverse methods.

Photo of Caterina Mogno

Caterina Mogno (PhD 2018-) 

Current interests: Understanding PM2.5 over Delhi, India.

 Photo of Doug

Dr Doug Finch

Current interests: Data science; UK surface air quality; what drives atmospheric methane? 

 Photo of Sihong

Sihong "Rainbow" Zhu (Visiting PhD 2019-2020) 

Current interests: Chinese CH4 and CO2 fluxes

Photo of Selena Georgiou

Selena Georgiou* (PhD 2019-) 

Current interests: Methane fluxes over the Congo basin using in situ and remotely sensed data

Photo of Ben Taysum 

Ben Taysum (PhD 2017-) 

Current interests: Photochemistry on Mars in preparation for data from the Trace Gas Orbiter

Photo of Matthew

Dr Matt Jolleys

Current interests: Surface air quality over China, with a particular emphasis on PM2.5.

Photo of Niall Whiteford 

Niall Whiteford* (PhD 2017-) 

Current interests: Retrieval of atmospheric parameters from directly imaged exoplanets

Photo of Mark Lunt Dr Mark Lunt

Current interests: Driving processes of atmospheric methane; satellite remote sensing; inverse methods.


Jerome Woodwark (PhD 2017-) 

Current interests: Development of a methane spectrometer concept for a small satellite

Photo of Anna Mackie Anna Mackie (PhD 2015-) 

Current interests: Earth's radiation balance using satellite observations

 Photo of Fei Yao

Fei Yao (PhD 2018-) 

Current interests: Development of methods to understand Chinese PM2.5 using satellite remote sensing data









































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